quadrangular _ ukukhanya 2016

The most original wooden wall lamp in the world. The first wall lamp with an organic shape, which projects light over its entire surface without having right angles. It offers a simply perfect warm indirect light, incorporates optionally dimmable 3000ºk LEDs.

The stubbornness turned into a lamp. It is made 100% in Valencia with natural oak wood carved to the limit. Its metallic details in satin gold make it a very refined ceiling / wall light, ideal for lighting the most exclusive settings alone or in groups. It can be placed in four different orientations which give it great versatility and great play to decorators and interior designers.

Its sensual and pampered geometry makes it the perfect wild card as its exquisite play of volumes allows it to subtly blend into any environment. A minimalist product with an extreme design once again at the limit of technique, impossible to manufacture not so long ago … thank you very much S. XXI

+ info : www.ukukhanya.es