lola _ ukukhanya 2016

Everything is possible when you manage to make a delicious alabaster sandwich that looks like a piece of the Moon. When you manage to illuminate a stone from the inside is when you really think you are a magician.

Lola is a sexy and provocative lamp. Its suggestive transparencies together with its pronounced curves make you put yourself to the top (on fire). It is without a doubt one of the coolest, most original and complex lamps designed by the studio. Its just 30 mm thick make it a challenge in itself. Selected one by one in the quarry, the different veins of each of its stone faces make each of these pendants a unique and exclusive piece.

They are manufactured in three current forms that combine with each other and can be placed alone or in groups, aligned on a bar or like a shower of incandescent meteorites in the most daring stairwell. They fit like a glove in any environment, providing serenity and comfort to that special corner of the project.

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