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flyout _ oggofurniture 2017

It is a bird…? A drone …? Superman …? …? Nooo …

What the hell is that … ???

It’s the FLYOUT, a hilarious multifunction gadget developed by OGO FURNITURE. A true work of engineering from the XXI century …
Thanks to its studied design, ergonomics and extensive knowledge of the materials that compose it and its manufacturing process … we achieved a new and incredible product with 3 outstanding functions:

1) anti-bump frisbee (it flies really well and if you ‘eat’ it just funny), you can shoot… it’s harmless,

2) squishy nap pad

3) soda bottle float for the pooloooooo !!!! or beers … almost that better … hehehee

As you can see in the photographs, it floats much better than the Titanic …
Come on, if you want to do the prawn this summer in the pool with your colleagues … you will regret not having one …

FLYOUT is an original product made in Spain manufactured by OGO FURNITURE. It can be personalized with your brand or logo printed on its sides.

+ info: www.ogofurniture.com
Finalista Premios ADCV 2017_ Complementos , elementos de ocio y juguetes