estantería sin tornillos _ tabuhome 2017

Do you want to play LEGO with a bookcase that is easily assembled and disassembled? .

With a fresh and contemporary design, our proposal does not need screws, fittings, glues, or anything at all …, just simple pieces that fit together easily and intuitively. This modular shelf is built with only 4 pieces that are repeated several times and nothing more … you can make eles, eses, efes, columns, stools, infinite shelves … It is ideal for young nomads and commercial premises with constant changes in their decoration.

Its tremendous and intuitive way of assembly makes you fall apart from the IKEA furniture and the 27 allen keys that you keep as a souvenir in the drawer.

Our stubbornness in the evolution and development of this great idea together with the perseverance and support of Arantzazu and Manu from TABUHOME have made it possible. A lot of computer hours, sketches, tests, tests and prototypes make you have one of the best products that have ever left the studio at your fingertips.

Decorate your living room with furniture worthy of a NASA development. Once assembled, the furniture is surprisingly robust. Don’t try to copy it, just a few ultracalibrated and precise machines and the use of a supermaterial make it viable … yourself …

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