It is inspired by the comic


BROOKLYN is more than a fashionable neighborhood in NY, it is a tribute to one of my childhood references, Francisco Ibañez, the cartoonist and creator of my beloved Mortadelo and Filemón with whom I spent so many good times reading their adventures, scrutinizing every vignette … every crazy ingenuity, every detail, every cigarette butt …, every facade flooded with nice chips today turned into lamps, a thousand million thanks !!!

It is an ingenious wall light inspired by the comic, in fact its grace lies in that very thing, that it is the bricks of the wall that light up, rather they are backlit, come on that was the concept … and I think it achieves a fun effect .

What has been said from today you can turn your living room into a cartoon of this great draftsman, or if you are decorators let your imagination fly … combine them with each other, apart from being a lot cool (and giving the right light), the wall lamp is manufactured in 2 sizes and two finishes (white and natural oak) and it is also modular so you can join all the wall lights you want (why not cover a wall) and create chips to your liking.

BROOKLYN is a wall lamp designed for CARPYEN, Barcelona.